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The Snoqualmie Valley Farmers Cooperative is an organization of 20+ small, local farms working together to bring you fresh produce. Farmers run the show! Our member farms initiated and built the co-op so that they could spend less time on logistics and more time growing your food. In exchange, you get more diversity while supporting the whole local foodshed, not just one farm. All of our member farms utilize responsible environmental and food production practices- read our pledge to learn more.

Welcome Aboard Lori Mercer - New GM!


Welcome Aboard Lori Mercer - New GM!

Coop Manager

The Snoqualmie Valley Farmers Cooperative is pleased to announce Lori Mercer as our new General and ask that you join us in giving her a warm welcome!

Lori Mercer arrives at the Snoqualmie Valley Farmers Cooperative with a unique, albeit unorthodox, skill set.  She spent her for 30+ years as a private practice audiologist in the Seattle area before a reckoning prompted her to shift toward sustainable agriculture.  A blossoming interest in the connections between farming and it’s broader cultural and environmental implications led her back to graduate school at the age of 52.  After recently obtaining a Master of Sciences degree in Agriculture via Washington State University, she found her perfect match with the Cooperative.  “The more I learned about the simple (ha!) act of growing food, the more I realized how intimately farming shapes virtually everything on our planet, for better or worse.  It really is true that every time we choose what to eat, we are saying something about what we believe-- climate change, equity, power, natural resources, food access, community, the list goes on… Furthermore, the studies are emerging at breakneck pace about how food directly impacts our health on all fronts-- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  The honor of offering the freshest, tastiest, healthiest food available to our local communities isn’t something I take lightly.  My 18-year history of owning and operating a private practice has equipped me with the customer-centric skills to make your experience with our organization a rewarding one.”

Raised as a cheesehead in Wisconsin, Lori still pulls hard for her Packers during football season.  She and her husband, a chemist who develops pesticide testing protocols for the FDA, have two grown sons (NOT living with them!) and two cats (living with them).   Since moving from a Lynnwood cul de sac to a four acre parcel in Snohomish a few years ago, most of her time is spent working on their property and mastering the perfect loaf of sourdough bread.   She also plays the bagpipes and lives to travel as often as possible. 

Lori’s goal is to broaden the impact of the Cooperative’s many assets through a vibrant CSA program and acting on other opportunities as they arise.  “The more customers that savor our CSA Veggie Boxes and add-ons, the more secure our farmers’ futures become, the tighter our communities become and the more resilient our planet becomes.  It truly is a win-win-win-win!”

What can you do to help our local farmers?  First and foremost, get on board and order a CSA box for the coming season.  See how gratifying it is to eat freshly picked produce.  Explore and experiment with what you find in your box each week.  We’re here to help you with ideas!  Second, please spread the word; tell your friends!  Third, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.  We’ll share positive, uplifting stories on how farming and local food can transform our health and natural resources.  Fourth, come join us some week as we prepare CSA boxes.  It’s a great time to learn more about farming, food and community out here in the valley.  Lori’s looking forward to a long, rewarding relationship with each and every one of you!

On behalf of the Snoqualmie Valley Farmers Cooperative please send your warm wishes to Lori and if you’ve been waiting to renew your CSA membership or sign-up for the first time, please join today.

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