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The Snoqualmie Valley Farmers Cooperative is an organization of 20+ small, local farms working together to bring you fresh produce. Farmers run the show! Our member farms initiated and built the co-op so that they could spend less time on logistics and more time growing your food. In exchange, you get more diversity while supporting the whole local foodshed, not just one farm. All of our member farms utilize responsible environmental and food production practices- read our pledge to learn more.


Where are the Farmers?

Coop Manager


Shouldn’t a Farmers Market have at least one farmer? Over the past few weekends I’ve visited several area Farmers Markets where food trucks outnumbered farmers and in one case there weren’t any farmers at all.  What gives?

Most of us know farming organically is an intensive labor of love requiring dedication, long hours bent over tending the soil and plants, and a savvy business sense. Add to that the soaring cost of land, plethora of rules and regulations; competition from big agri-business, and the difficulty of finding seasonal full and/or part-time farm help especially when high wage, low skill jobs are plentiful in the city. Right now, today, several of our local Snoqualmie Valley farmers are unable to fill many of the farm labor positions they have. Help wanted advertisements go unanswered, interview appointments cancelled, and farmers face the daunting prospect of having a field full of crop without help to harvest.

Competition from large-scale industrial farms place local farmers in a difficult predicament with organic produce readily available in supermarkets at loss-leader prices, essentially cutting the local farmer out of some markets. Furthermore recent efforts by the USDA to muddy the waters by proposing a new brand/logo for producers of genetically modified foods (or bioengineered, BE for short) depicting a cartoonish image with a happy face will make it more confusing for consumers seeking local, healthy, organic and non-genetically engineered produce in the supermarket or veggie stand.

Despite the challenges farmers are tenacious.

In the spirit of collaboration and unity local Snoqualmie Valley (minutes east of Seattle) farmers teamed up to create a joint venture, the Snoqualmie Valley Farmers Cooperative, where they can work together to join forces and market their locally grown vegetables to local Seattle area consumers though a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. This technique and program allows a little breathing space to focus on farming rather than marketing and selling.

The CSA model has community supporters buy a membership for a season of vegetables directly from the farmer or cooperative at a fair and sustainable price; the farmer gets a reliable annual source of income for their produce and the customer gets fresh, wholesome and delicious produce delivered to their neighborhood. It’s a win-win situation. The Snoqualmie Valley Farmers Cooperative offers a 20 week CSA Veggie Box (with fruit and egg add-on’s available) beginning June 28th through mid-November.

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Contact: Brad Johnson is the General Manger of the Snoqualmie Valley Farmers Cooperative, a nonprofit 501(c)(5) farmers’ cooperative, based out of Carnation, Washington. / / 319.329.1509